Equipment Sales and Installation Overview

Carwash Solutions is your #1 resource for car wash development in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our value added services include site evaluation, site design, financial consultation, engineering support, project management, installation expertise, service training, and marketing support!

For more information on equipment sales and

installation services please contact:

Tighe Gillis

(571) 220 6997 (cell)

The Carwash Solutions Install Team has more than 50 years combined experience and takes great pride in their work. They are truly expert craftsmen that receive complex car wash systems in carefully packaged pieces and skillfully erect, assemble, connect and start them up with precision. We have quality control measures in place to ensure the finer details are not missed. Do not leave the success of your business to chance. A hastily chosen car wash partner may cause you to have huge maintenance bills resulting from a poorly installed system. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Please review the photos below to see how complicated and important an outstanding installation is.

Carwash Systems as received

Carwash Systems as received
Carwash Systems as received2

Carwash Systems after CWS Install

Carwash Systems after CWS Install
Carwash Systems after CWS Install2
Carwash Systems after CWS Install3

Why Choose Belanger?

Whether you are looking for a Conveyor Tunnel, In-Bay Automatic, or Drive Through, Carwash Solutions has the equipment and expertise that you need. Please see the pictures and videos below to see examples of each type of equipment.